January 20, 2008

Confessions of a paparazzo

For photographer Giles Harrison, who has been on the paparazzi beat for over a decade, following Britney is all in a day's work. He gave the Daily News an inside look at what the gig really entails.


Working on Britney just gets beyond insanity. Of course there are better ways to make money; they're just not as lucrative.

Usually, when she's been out all night, she doesn't go out all day.

If she does, she just goes out to eat, get her nails done or drives between her home in the Hollywood Hills and her house in Malibu. Pretty boring stuff.


At the moment there's so much going on with her, following her involves car chases every single time.

A typical run-in happened recently when she was driving on Sunset Blvd. and stopped to get gas in Brentwood. At that point, about six paparazzi were with her, which was fine. She was sitting in the car with her windows rolled down, giving us the pictures. By the time she left, there were about 20 cars chasing her, weaving in and out of traffic and driving into incoming traffic to cut other paparazzi off, and jockeying to be the first car around her.

I don't do anything that's going to put my life or somebody else's in jeopardy, but the stuff some of the others will do has a complete disregard for anyone else - even the guys they work with.


She doesn't go that far, but does just enough to make sure she gets her picture taken.

Maybe it's a cry for attention, because if she didn't want to be seen, she wouldn't be and there have been times in the past when you'd never see her.


I do feel bad for her, but the thing that I find really distasteful is the fact that she's going out with the paparazzi guy who is blatantly selling her down the river. Especially with all the problems she's got going on, like the custody case.

It's one thing if somebody falls for a celebrity, but if you're setting up pictures of her buying a pregnancy test, that's a different story. As much as I like Adnan, all he is doing is making a buck - there's no other explanation.

He sits there and tells all the other paparazzi what to do and thinks he's better than the rest of them. Some people just take no notice of him and others think he's kind of hysterical.

I just think, at the end of the day you don't make yourself part of the story.

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