January 15, 2008


JESSICA SIMPSON's manager-father JOE has hit out at reports he sparked the media frenzy surrounding the singer's new romance with American footballer TONY ROMO.

The With You hitmaker enjoyed a festive break in Los Cabos, Mexico, with Romo and her parents - but she has since been berated by Dallas Cowboys fans for putting their star player off his game, following his team's loss on Sunday (13Jan08) to the Giants.

And new rumours claim the blonde beauty's dad Joe was the one who alerted the press to the stars' whereabouts.

A source tells the New York Daily News, "Joe is well-known for his deals with the paparazzi, where the family gets a cut from the sales of the photographs.

"Nobody would have known that Tony was down in Mexico with Jessica if there hadn't been those pictures everywhere. So a lot of people suspect he tipped off the photographers, causing Tony this huge headache. When you date Jessica, you date Joe, too." But a representative for Simpson has denied the claims, insisting he would never deal with the paparazzi.

The spokesperson says, "Joe would never sell out his daughter to the media and would never do anything to hurt his own family or for that matter, Tony.
This is categorically false."

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