July 26, 2008

Paparazzi Fight Bodyguards after Being Discovered at Jolie-Pitt Residence

Two paparazzi that were discovered by the bodyguards that protect the Jolie-Pitt estate in southern France started a fight with the guards that led to both parties filing complaints against the other at the police.

It seems that the two paparazzi were wearing camouflage gear and that one of them reacted extremely violently when the guards escorted him to the exit. According Jolie's and Pitt's men, the person broke a finger of one of the bodyguards, bit another one and drew blood over them while saying that he had hepatitis C.

On the other hand, the photographer said that the guards were hitting him so hard, that he had to put blood all over them and tell them that he had HIV so that they would stop beating him. According to his declarations, he and his colleague were in a forest outside the estate and the guards reacted abusively by escorting them away from that place which is open for everybody to walk through.

The police said that they questioned both parties and that further investigations will be carried out. However, according to the Associated Press, a spokesperson of the police said that "I won't hide for you that this kind of thing is really not the type of problem that interests us. There are, in my opinion, far more important things than paparazzi taking photos of a glamor couple."

The Jolie-Pitt couple is making efforts in protecting their family's privacy, a thing that seems more and more difficult to accomplish after Angelina gave birth to twins on July 12 attracting press' attention even more than usually.

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