August 8, 2008

Nicole Kidman: Don't shoot our baby

Nicole Kidman has asked photographers to take pictures from a distance.

New parents Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are hoping paparazzi will keep their distance during the family's trip to Sydney.

While Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt fetched $14 million from People magazine for pics of their new twins, Knox and Vivienne, Kidman and Urban are trying to keep little Sunday Rose under wraps.

"Keith and I are appealing to the press to give us a little space so we can walk around Sydney and show the baby our town," Kidman, a native Australian, said on Sydney's "Kyle & Jackie O" show.

Kidman is OK with some photos, she said, adding, "just not right in our face or her face because it's scary for her. She's tiny. A tiny little thing."

Since the couple is keeping their bundle of joy out of the limelight, Kidman has revealed that her daughter looks like her daddy, but with a reddish tint to her hair, just like mommy.

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