August 6, 2008

Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick moving to escape paparazzi

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick are reportedly moving out of their New York apartment in an attempt to escape the paparazzi.

The couple have lived in their home in the West Village for a number of years but the Sex and the City star explained recently that the paparazzi attention has got out of control recently: “Photographers moved into apartments next door to us and we really found ourselves kind of living like a spy movie… I feel like they think they have to be there. Like they punch in or something.”

According to New York magazine, the pair have fallen for a new $18million home across town in the East Village and are hoping to make their move later in the year.

A source explained: “It’s two houses that have been knocked into one so it’s a lot bigger and has a huge backyard.

“They’re hoping it’ll be more private and give their son [James Wilkie] plenty of room to grow.”

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