October 21, 2008

MeetTheFamous.com Launches New Celebrity Website

Over 10,000 Celebrity Enthusiasts Rush to Become the Paparazzi During MeetTheFamous.com's First Week, Sharing Their Never-Before-Seen Celebrity News Stories with the World

NEW YORK, Oct 21, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- MeetTheFamous.com has announced the launch of its new website: the first and only to pay users who break celebrity news. The site is already creating a buzz amid celebrity gossip enthusiasts with its tagline: "Where You are the Paparazzi!"

MeetTheFamous.com takes a fundamentally different approach to celebrity gossip because 100% of the content is created by users instead of relying on mainstream news sources. The result is countless first person experiences, good and bad, that feature the biggest celebrities in the world.

"I started MeetTheFamous.com because so many people witness celebrity news breaking on a daily basis. Aside from tipping off the gossip sites or news outlets, they don't have anything to do with their photos or stories and then they go relatively unnoticed," said Jordan Osher, CEO and Founder of MeetTheFamous.com. "I saw a need in the celebrity news industry and filled that void with a fully interactive celebrity website that actually pays its users for breaking celebrity news."

In its first week, MeetTheFamous.com has already seen 10,000 visitors submit over 1,000 user generated celebrity news stories like "Donald Trump is Orange...Literally," "Scarlett (Johansson) is one Transtastic Starlet" and "I Witnessed Jessica Simpson Take a Stand for Autism." Other famous faces already featured on the site include Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and George Clooney. In total, over 600 celebrities have been showcased on MeetTheFamous.com thus far.

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