March 12, 2009

Bad Girl Brit Lily Allen Beats Up the Paparazzi...Again!

British bad girl and occasional songstress Lily Allen beat a paparazzo to a pulp in London Thursday.

The "Smile" singer certainly wasn't sporting one when she opened the door of her London home to a barrage of photographers. As she attempted to get into her car, one photog shoved another into her car, enraging her and causing her to start cussing at the crowd, according to TMZ.

She got into her car and arrived at her recording studio only to find another gang of paparazzi waiting there to snap away. That's when she unleashed on them, allegedly throwing a water bottle at one.

But it didn't end there. She began to punch and kick another one of the camera-clad crew until security broke it up.

Allen has a history battling the paparazzi. She was arrested two years ago for attacking a photographer.

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