December 31, 2009

Aniston named as force behind paparazzi law

Jennifer Aniston is said to be the force behind a new law that puts a check on the paparazzi in 2010 and beyond.

Democrat and Assembly Speaker Karen Bass said the former Friends star was instrumental in pushing the legislation that comes into effect from the January 1, 2010.

According to the new law, members of the paparazzi and media outlets that sell and buy unlawfully taken photos and video footage of people, including celebs and their families, will be charged with civil penalties.

"There have to be some boundaries. When you have children in the car and the photographers are rushing you, its just absolutely out of control," Contactmusic quoted Aniston, as telling the Los Angeles Times.

"Its become a public safety issue. Somebodys going to die if we dont do something," she added.

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed Assembly Bill 524 into law in October this year.

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