January 3, 2010

Paparazzi have become more aggressive, says Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz thinks she is pursued more "aggressively" by the paparazzi now than she was when she first shot to fame in 1994.

The actress insists she accepts people will always be interested in her life while she is in the public eye, but thinks photographers have become more aggressive in their pursuit of her since she first shot to fame in "The Mask" in 1994.

"Some people say that being a celebrity I should just deal with things like the paparazzi but, honestly, 10 years ago it wasn't like this," contactmusic.com quoted Diaz as saying.

"I don't know what happened to America society, but all of a sudden this pack of really aggressive people emerged. But I guess you have to make peace with it. It is part of what society wants and expects from people in my position."

The 37-year-old says she has learned to take steps to be more cautious about the attention she receives.

"I'm very aware of my words and who I say them to. I'm aware that what I said gets overheard, and people can take it and twist it, and I have no control over that."

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