June 12, 2010

Gaga Strips, Flips at Mets Game

She rails against photographers by taking off clothes

Lady Gaga, upset at being seated too close to photographers at yesterday’s Mets game, did what any rational person would do: She stripped to her undies. Gaga—who was seated in the front row yet and was, for some reason, surprised to find photographers nearby shooting the game—cursed out the snappers, relocated to a private box (owned by...Jerry Seinfeld), showed the world her sparkly skivvies, then started dancing and flipping everyone off.

“She felt it was unfair that she was seated right by the paparazzi,” a pal explains to the New York Post. “Having them take pictures of her all game would've been annoying to all the fans. She went up to the box and said, 'F--- you! F--- you!' to the photographers who were messing up the game for everyone else.” She also apparently kissed a random woman.

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