June 13, 2010

How Far Is Too Far For The Paparazzi?

There is a question that needs to be asked, and that is, how far is too far for the Paparazzi? We all witnessed what happened in 1997. If you have no idea what I am talking about, it is the death of Princess Diana. The paps were swarming and in an attempt to get away from them, her boyfriend's (Dodi Fayed) driver lost control, and in a tunnel in Paris, one of the sweetest woman ever was gone.
In a similar scenario, Mad Men star, January Jones almost suffered the same fate Thursday night. In an attempt to get away from the swarming paps, she swerved and hit 3 parked cars. Early on, the police thought it was a hit and run, but it was far from it. January walked a few blocks to her home to call 911 and then returned to the scene, but again, for the paps, how far is too far.
There is a new law in California that is in the works, where photographers will now have to obey celebs privacy, but really is that good enough. In this over exposed world that we live now, it is not out of the realm to see photographers popping out of trees, and staking out favorite hot spots that celebs frequent.
What we are saying is, we understand magazines have to stay in business by taking pictures and writing stories, but why go to the extent of making these celebs cause harm to themselves just to get away from you.
In the past 6 months, some of your favorite headlines read, Lindsay Lohan hits photographer with her car, Jodie Foster assaulted 17 year old kid who she claims is a paparazzi, Kristen Stewart compares been photographed by paparazzi to being raped, January Jones hits 3 parked cars after trying to get away from paparazzi, Paparazzi hiding out in trees after Alec Baldwin returns from Hospital, and the list goes on.
So once again how far is too far, apparently not far enough if these types of headlines keep popping up. We don't need someone else to die to realize that the paparazzi are getting really dangerous with their tactics, so we do hope something is done sooner rather than later.

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