May 9, 2012

John Travolta Can Thank Nosy Paparazzi for Proving He Didn't Do the Dirty Deed

Okay, let me see if I've got all these peen-grabbing rumors about John Travolta straight: first he allegedly assaulted a masseur in a Beverly Hills hotel on January 16, and then the same attorney handling that lawsuit suddenly got a second plaintiff, John Doe #2, who also accused Travolta of improper behavior during a massage in Atlanta, and they're both asking for $2 million in damages, and—arrrgh, this is so confusing! I need a diagram that clearly maps out the relationships between penises, massage tables, and million-dollar payouts.

At any rate, it seems like Travolta may be off the hook from at least one of those masseur's accusations, due to photographic proof he was in New York on January 16. As it turns out, Travolta just may have gossip site TMZ to thank for digging up the evidence that sinks John Doe #1's case.

Horribly intrusive celebrity stalking FTW!
TMZ has a photo that sources say was snapped on January 16 in New York. In it, Travolta's seen wearing a cap, scarf, and his hands do not appear to be clutching anyone's penis. TMZ also has a receipt from a meal Travolta ate at Mr. Chow in New York, which includes a date (1/16) and a rather generous $100 tip on a $382 meal.

Okay, so obviously this is the kind of privacy-invasion stuff that TMZ and other sites do all the time, and it's pretty creepy and weird. I mean, how did they get their hands on that receipt? Did they pay a restaurant employee to hand it over, did they fish it out of the trash, or what?

But in this case, TMZ's relentless ability to ferret out seemingly inconsequential celebrity information may actually pay off for Travolta. If he can use this as evidence that he was, in fact, in New York at the same time he was supposedly groping John Doe #1, I'm guessing that's a good thing.

The sooner Travolta can prove his innocence, the better, because that lawyer who's representing the two masseurs says there are even MORE John Does who are crawling out of the woodwork ... and looking for a paycheck.

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