May 30, 2012

Justin Bieber Not Due Back For Police Questioning Until June 17Th

As police get down to the business of trying to sort out the details of Justin Bieber's fracas with a photographer, it looks like they'll be forced to wait a while before they can put both parties under interrogation. Bieber's unveiled his tour plans for Europe, and none of them seem to have been changed to allow for a trip back to the US to explain the event that led to the paparazzo filing a claim of criminal battery against the 18 year-old singer.

"ok. going to board. Off To Europe! Phase 1 of operation secret concerts! lol. Oslo first stop. See u soon....and..." Bieber tweeted, before - some 20 hours later - writing "Norway!!! here with the team. Loving the people! thank u. good food too." Bieber's itinerary for the next few weeks sees him call in at Oslo, Paris, Milan, Verona, Madrid, London, Cologne, Berlin, Mexico City, Nyc and Toronto, before apparently returning to his home town on June 17th.

So it could be three weeks or so before officials even get their hands on the performer. Judging by the muted response coming from his camp, too, you'd suggest that there may some truth in the photgrapher's account in which he claimed he was "physically battered" by Bieber - it's a very different to response to their aggressive cease and desist tactics employed on Mariah Yeater last year when she accused the artist of being the father to her child.

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