January 10, 2006

A Fair Weather REVIEW

National Board Of Review Of Motion Pictures Awards Ceremony
Tavern on the Green

For the first time in many years, this event (in the middle of an open air Central Park) had fair weather. We have shot this event in prior years (no joke) in snow, rain, sub-freezing temperatures, under no tent with no light, no help from PR and numerous other horrid conditions. But this year was very mild for winter. PR wasn't that bad and there was ample room provided for photographers (two sides as opposed to the usual one side.)

But of course....there's a kicker. Halle Berry was the last to show... and hardly stops. And of course...she wears that ol' NYC in Black Fashion. Meanwhile Felicity Huffman (in an amazing orange dress) posed so much we actually applauded her for her cooperation!

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