January 9, 2006

Public Paparazzi Website Scoops Front Page Exclusive

(I-Newswire) - The Snitcher Desk is happy to announce the first of what promises to be many front-page exclusives submitted by a member of the public.

A quick-thinking amateur photographer landed a front-page photo exclusive for the New York Post with a snap of Yankees baseball star Derek Jeter and his MTV-veejay girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo. The sale was facilitated by the recently launched public paparazzi website The Snitcher Desk. Armed with a small digital camera, the sharp-eyed Snitcher photographed the couple poolside in Maui, earning him a four-figured sum that is still expected to grow from further sales generated through periodical titles. Not a bad return for a couple of minutes of his time.

Since launching in mid 2005 The Snitcher Desk has seen consistent growth in the quantity and quality of submissions from a growing band of Snitchers, which is reflected by this recent success - a mere hint at what is to come.

The Snitcher Desk is the missing link between the public paparazzi and the world's press. The submission process is simple. Users can either upload their photos direct to the site or send them instantly by e-mail from their PC or cellphone. If the photos are good enough, they are immediately piped onto its syndication network where the world’s media will have access to them in a matter of moments. The Snitcher Desk only takes a modest 20% cut of the fee received from its partner agencies, returning 80% to their customers, who can relax, as the only other steps they will need to take are the ones to the bank.

With the forever-evolving technology in the world of digital photography – be it on camera phones, or the increasing availability of more compact and higher quality digital cameras – the average member of the public has a good chance of getting a quality shot. Just by being in the right place at the right time, and aided by The Snitcher Desk, any opportunist could find their photographs on the cover of tomorrow’s papers in the US, the UK and around the world.

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