January 29, 2006

The Paparazzi Are Now Everywhere

Celebrities beware: thanks to a website, any member of the public armed with a camera can now put you on the front pages, writes Adrian Turpin

It’s known as the Kate Moss question: how much money would it take for you to shop a famous friend doing drugs to the press? A hundred pounds? A thousand? Ten thousand? Kyle MacRae swears he would never be tempted. “Never. There is no way I am going to whip out a camera phone in that situation. But, believe me, somebody is,” he says. And, when they do, MacRae will be there to broker the deal.

I’m sitting in a hotel overlooking George Square — watching what seems like half of Glasgow bawl into its mobile phone — while the softly spoken 42-year-old southsider explains why his company, Scoopt.com, is set to become a celebrity’s worst nightmare.

“Our society seems to have an insatiable desire for pictures of the famous. Until now the problem has been one of supply. Well, not any longer. There are tens of millions of amateur paparazzi out there with camera phones. If you can only find a way for them to sell their stuff, you have the potential to create something very big.”

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