July 26, 2007

David Beckham thinks the LA paparazzi are too intense

Bleating little cry baby David Beckham has been whinging about the paparazzi attention he and his stick-thin wife have been receiving now they're living in California.

"In London, if we'd go out to dinner, there would be four or five cars following us. The other night we had 47. No joke. I get nervous. They run red lights and you're just waiting for accidents to happen," said Beckham, clearly ignorant of the fact that if you tell all the media agencies exactly where you're going to be and when you're going to be there, the press might actually act on the information supplied.

Anyone would think he and Victoria had fled to that notoriously quiet rural backwater of Los Angeles to escape from the attention, rather than continue to fill the media with inconsequential information about their lives. Maybe he and the Vick-Stick are just not that media savvy?

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