July 17, 2007

HAIRSPRAY Can't Keep The Fur From Flying

Ziegfeld Theater, 7pm

PR made this a wonderful mess for everyone.

The said you had to be on their list, others complained they never received confirmations, and then the rest of the crew with NYPD press passes, ready to work.

Some were taken inside, some were placed in the 'A List' area, and the rest were placed first n the red carpet. Did anyone else notice a top level, all access 'A LIST' shooter shooting second row....hhhmmmm.

And yet with all of this commotion, things ran quite smoothly. Their was plenty of space for us to shoot, and we barely went two rows deep.

All the talent posedwere all cooperative; Travolta/Preston, Amanda Bynes,Michelle Pfeiffer;

As the event came to what seemed the end, a large portion of shooters left. Unfortunately for them, more talent arrived until 7:30pm, which included Liza Minelli, Paula Abdul and Katie Holmes.

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