August 25, 2007

Brad Pitt Uses Manners To Ward Off Paparazzi

Celebrities are notorious for shouting profanities and throwing punches at the paparazzi. But Brad Pitt has decided to try another way of getting the annoying photographers to leave him alone… a polite request.

Rather than making use of his Fight Club skills, the Oceans Thirteen actor relied on his good manners to try and rid himself, and his family, of obtrusive flash bulbs and chattering celeb-obsessed paparazzi.

Since Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and their pack o’ kiddies will be gallivanting around NYC over the next few days, Brad decided to try and set up an understanding with the paps.

The Meet Joe Black stud opened his comments with a compliment… “Man, you guys work hard!” Then he asked for a favor, as any gentleman would… “Anything you guys can do long-lens would be much appreciated. You’re workin’ hard, you guys.”

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