August 7, 2007

Lily Allen banned from working in The US!

Pop star Lily Allen has had her US visa cancelled after being held at a US airport, locked in a cell and strip searched.

Last night, the singer, who is due to do a US tour in September, told the Mirror: "I am trying everything I can to sort this out. I don't like letting my fans down." The star was challenged by US custom and immigration officers at Los Angeles international airport on Sunday night.

Lily, who had flown in from Australia for the MTV video music awards launch in Las Vegas, was hauled into an interrogation room. After negotiations with her lawyers Lily, the daughter of film and TV star Keith Allen, was released five hours later.

She was questioned about her arrest in London in March following an alleged clash with a photographer.

Lily was said to have lashed out at snapper Kevin Rush, 43, outside a nightclub. She voluntarily attended a police station in June and was cautioned.

Lily was in America to film a music video with rapper Kanye West and attend today's MTV video music awards nominations party. But now her visa has been revoked she is worried that once she leaves America she may not be allowed back for her tour in September.

She said: "It is my intention to play my American dates in September.

"This depends on the authorities granting me a new work visa.

"I want my fans to know that I will do everything I can to be back in America in September. I don't like letting my fans down and this is a situation that I am sure we can sort."

Lily, who performed in front of Princes William and Harry at the Concert For Diana, has documented her run-ins with airport staff on her Myspace blog.

In May, she wrote about an incident at an airport in New York, saying: "I was told it was because I am a musician."

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