August 31, 2007

Buscemi riveting in role of paparazzi

Sometimes we take our favorite actors for granted. We see everything they're in - a lot of the times just because they're in it - and we usually come away happy because no matter how good or bad the film is, the actor or actress we love delivered.

Then there are those times when the actor we take for granted just blows us away. That's what Steve Buscemi does with his performance in Delirious.

Written and directed by Tom DiCillo (The Real Blonde), Delirious is the story of Les Galantine (Buscemi) a professional photographer - don't all him a paparazzi - who makes his living taking candid, and often questionable, shots of celebrities at their worst.

One night a wayward soul named Toby Grace (Michael Pitt) shows up at one of his velvet rope shoots, follows him home and asks for a place to stay and, if possible, a job as his assistant.

What follows is less an exploration of the world of celebrity photographers than a deep look into the world of celebrity - those who live in it, those who live off it and those who can't live without it.

DiCillo's complicated script is brought to palpable life by the cast, led by Buscemi's mesmerizing performance. In less talented hands, Les Galantine could have been a repugnant figure, a man nobody cared for or about. But Buscemi digs in deep and creates an everyman we can all not only empathize with, but cheer for in the end.

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