November 20, 2007

Clooney condemns paparazzi for profiting from wrong deeds

A videotape of a very upset George Clooney scolding paparazzi for reckless driving has made it online and the actor is annoyed that photographers are using the tape to make money.

Various websites have picked this video up where Clooney pulls his motorcycle over and scolds two video photographers for rash driving as they followed him.

Clooney now has gone on TV to berate the fact that those photographers have gone on to make some money with that video, reports.

'This tape, they are selling it all around everywhere. So, that means that these guys who committed all these crimes get rewarded for it. There must be a formula for someone that says, `If you are committing a crime, you shouldn't be able to profit off them (tapes).' It's gotten really dangerous out here,' Clooney said on a TV show.

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