November 2, 2007


SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY's estranged wife HEATHER MILLS has slammed the British press for making her life a misery. The 39-year-old launched into a bitter tirade against the media during an interview with U.K. TV show GMTV on Wednesday (31Oct07) and insists she is being forced to "live in a prison' because of the snappers who turn upon her doorstep.

Mills recently took a photographer to court on assault charges after accusing him of grabbing her shoulder as he tried to take her picture. Jay Kaycappa was sentenced to 140 hours community service in August this year (07) after he was found guilty of assaulting both Mills and her friend Mark Payne in a subway in Brighton, England in July 2006.

The former model insists the media need to crack down on 'irresponsible journalism' and has launched a campaign to take her views to the European Parliament.

She says, "I live in a prison. I have to fight back or I will go insane. They (the paparazzi) follow me all the time. They even tried to hack down my fence. They follow me constantly and they've got no licences. They have to be licensed because how do I know if these people outside my house are stalkers or not?"

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