February 11, 2008

7 Recent Attacks on the Paparazzi by Celebrities

Quentin Tarantino Attacks
Tarantino has apparently been watching too many of his own movies to think he’s bad ass enough to fight anybody.

More celebrities who think they’re more badass than they actually are (and one who probably is that badass)

James Gandolfini Attacks
He actually attacks a fan, not the paparazzi. The thing that aggravates me the most about this is that this douchebag fan no doubt loved it…”Duuuuude, Tony Soprano totally attacked me…AWESOME!”. Where’s Paulie Walnuts when you need him?

Coldplay’s Chris Martin Attacks
Playing whiny music does not, in fact, make you a badass.

Justing Timberlake Attacks
This is a very wimpy attack, but it’s Justin Timberlake for fuck’s sake. What do you expect? Unless we’re talking about a dance-fight, he knows better than to start some shit

Mini-Me Attacks
He really only flicks a booger at the guy and tells him to “fuck off” (way later in the video. Not worth watching the whole thing for), but the dude is like 3 ft. tall. What the hell else is he going to do?

Amy Winehouse Attacks
She takes a swing anyway, but to her credit she was probably so whacked out of her mind that she thought she kicked his ass. Score one for the moral victory.

Britney Spears Attacks
In what was the most least surprising paparazzi attack ever, Britney uses an umbrella to stave off cameramen. They say she has multiple personalities. I guess one of those is The Penguin.

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