February 26, 2008

London Features to Photographers: Pack up and get out

The London Features' NY office is closing and they have informed their photographers to come in, sort and remove their slides by the begining of March 2008.

It has become a daunting task. The office has 200+ file cabinets, alphabetical order by talent and event. So it is impossible to know which cabinet has whose photos. From early reports, it's taking photographers a day per cabinet.

The system they devised is; whomever shows up and pulls slides, pulls for everyone else in the office. So boxes of slides by individual photographers are filling up.

It is rumored that LFI has changed the passwords on their site, not allowing photographer to download their work in digital form. More as I get updates...

It is unclear what LFI's future intentions are, but LFI London has said they will still represent photographers work in Europe, but not here in the US.

No word about back payments or pending US sales...


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