February 13, 2008

People Magazine, Paparazzi Hound Michelle Williams

Here's a funny website asking it's readers to email People Magazine and Splash this letter of disgust:


Dear People Magazine and Splash News Online,

We find it to be a sleazy, trashy, sensationalistic excuse for news that you have Heath Ledger's family and Michelle Williams on your front pages in their most private grieving moments. To pay photographers for pictures of a family at a private memorial service and on their way home from one - who explicitly requested that you allow them time to heal outside of the public eye - is amoral and disgusting.

Instead of appealing to your morals, however (since those so heavily lack in the media these days), we simply request that you cease to publish such material. We are regular readers of your website(s) and magazine, but will completely stop purchasing and visiting should you choose to ignore this e-mail and continue with your invasive treatment of these families.

Do you plan to publish further paparazzi photos of Michelle Williams going to the store? Or will you grow a heart?



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