November 17, 2008

Buzz Foto Paparazzi Agency Sets a New Standard

Buzz Foto, LLC,, a leading paparazzi agency, announces that it will meet corporate growth plans through a new direction in hiring objectives. A recent statement from cofounder Brad Elterman shares that the company will focus recruitment efforts to attract the best experienced photojournalists. "We started the agency in 2006 with a talented, yet untrained, pool of photographers: we handed them a camera and showed them the ropes. With the economy as it is and the market becoming even more competitive, editors are now demanding iconic paparazzi imagery that goes beyond just a mundane photograph of Lindsay Lohan strolling down the street. They want provocative photographs that stand out."

To meet the challenge, Buzz Foto recently initiated an international call for talent. The newest addition to the roster is British freelance photojournalist Jason Mitchell. Los Angeles-based Mitchell, a fifteen-year veteran of the paparazzi circuit, has worked for numerous United Kingdom daily and monthly publications.

Henry Flores, Buzz Foto cofounder, said, "Jason just gets it. He has a trained eye, knows how to work a story, and has a deep appreciation for the craft of creating paparazzi-style images that attract the editors' eye. His Fleet Street training is a perfect complement to the Buzz Foto reputation -- courtesy and consideration that stand apart in an industry labeled for its ill tactics and misdeeds."

Says Mitchell, "Buzz Foto is an enthusiastic team with a great work ethic and talent that goes beyond the celebrity snapshot. The company's creative concept 'Paparazzi As An Art Form' is novel. It's a pleasure to work with an organization where my photographs are regarded as art and not just commercial productions."

Buzz Foto was founded by Elterman and Flores in 2006 and is staffed by a global team of photographers. The agency consistently delivers iconic imagery that appears in such outlets as People, US Magazine, NY Post, the New York Daily News, In Touch and Life & Style.
About Buzz Foto, LLC

Buzz Foto, LLC is an international paparazzi photo agency based in Los Angeles that emphasizes "Paparazzi As An Art Form." Buzz Foto iconic images of celebrities regularly grace the pages of People, US Magazine, NY Post, New York Daily News and numerous other magazines in 30 countries. Recognized not only for creating photographs with signature iconic quality, the Buzz Foto staff is regarded among the most courteous in the industry, thereby making them a 'go to' resource for media and reference. Buzz Foto has appeared on ABC World News, Entertainment Tonight, Inside Edition, BBC World News and Extra!

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