November 12, 2008

Brad Garrett Scuffles With Paparazzi

Actor Brad Garrett has had another run-in withi paparazzi -- this time, outside Dan Tana's restaurant in West Hollywood.

The incident occurred about 9 p.m. Tuesday near the eatery at 9071 Santa Monica Blvd., according to a deputy at the sheriff's West Hollywood Station.

Celebrity news Web site reported that Garrett was leaving the restaurant when he got into an argument with photographers. Garrett allegedly "smacked a camera and challenged the photogs to a fight."

Video posted by TMZ showed the 6-foot-8-inch actor walking around the side of the building, followed by photographers, including one who apparently called him a "tall faggot."

According to Wikipedia, Garrett had an Aug. 13, 2007, run-in with photographers, after one of whom called him a racist for earlier comments he had made about blacks in Malibu. In that case, Garrett struck a TMZ photographer's camera, but the photographer said he was hit in the face, and that it was another photographer who called him racist.

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