November 26, 2008


Rapper KANYE WEST is convinced he'll succeed in passing a law to protect celebrities from the paparazzi - because he comes from a long line of civil rights activists.

The outspoken hitmaker demanded legislation against photographers intruding on high-profile stars after a recent brush with a snapper led to his arrest in England earlier this month (14Nov08). West was released without charge in the incident.

But he has no doubt he'll triumph in outlawing snappers' efforts to take pictures without permission, because fighting for change is in his blood.

He says, "I'm going to make a change and I think it's my responsibility. My mom got arrested for being in sit-ins at age six. My grandfather drove the first car in the marches leading out of Oklahoma. My father was an activist. So I think they're messing with the wrong celebrity right now."

And the Stronger hitmaker vows to continue to verbally attack photographers and fans on the hunt for a picture of the star - because they make him feel like a "museum animal".
He adds, "The thing about the paparazzi is the law hasn't caught up to the technology of the internet. So it's like all of these people going out and buying cameras trying to catch pictures of celebrities - not even professional photographers - and they're exploiting (us) and it's causing a by-any-means-necessary type of behaviour... where people are jumping fences and completely violating you.

"The problem I have with the paparazzi is if they're right in front of you and you're like, 'Can you please not take a picture of me?'... they just keep on taking it and talking to me like I'm stupid.
"If you're within arm's reach, I'm going to grab the camera. That just happens, and you don't expect that to happen with a celebrity because you think they're like a museum animal."

West's recent arrest in Newcastle, England, was the second such incident in as many months. The star was also arrested in September (08) after a clash with a paparazzo in Los Angeles International Airport. He was charged with felony vandalism, but it was later dropped by the L.A. County District Attorney's office.

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