February 18, 2009

Are Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt buying a home in the Big Apple?

Angelina Jolie ignited a minor Internet storm when she was spotted looking at apartments for sale in the Washington Heights neighborhood of upper Manhattan on Tuesday.

With daughters Shiloh and Zahara in tow, Angie checked out a building that is being remodeled, according to an Us eyewitness:

The building had work permits and it seemed like they were probably being remodeled for [buyers'] taste. ...The building is pretty fancy. It's really nice."

The 2009 Oscar nominee (best actress in "Changeling") reportedly smiled and waved at paparazzi.

She and partner Brad Pitt just leased a 22,000-square-foot Long Island mansion to live in while filming the thriller "Salt." They'll pay $100,000 a month for the Tudor-style home.

So, will they buy in the Big Apple?

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