February 5, 2009

New mom Jessica Alba dislikes paparazzi

Jessica Alba has never really been a fan of the paparazzi, and now that she is mom to 8-month-old Honor Marie Warren, she dislikes them even more.

“Kids pick up on your energy, so the more upset you get about it, the more your kids are affected by it. But I understand how Sean Penn or Alec Baldwin knocks out somebody who’s putting a camera in their kids’ faces. I get that,” Jessica told the March issue of Elle magazine.

When asked who “would do the knocking out,” Jessica or her husband of nearly nine months, Cash Warren, the actress said they are both angered by the paps.

“I think it’s mutual, just because it’s so invasive,” she said. “It’s not like they’re standing 100 feet away. They’re in your face, not letting you walk, standing in the way when you’re driving. It becomes a situation and it doesn’t need to be.”

And it isn’t just the snappers Jessica has trouble with. When the actress married Cash Warren in a hush-hush ceremony last summer, her wedding news was usurped by reporters, who broke the story before the couple could tell their families.

“The person who helped us sign the documents told the press that day, so my parents found our from a reporter before we got to tell them,” Jessica said. “We were planning to take them out to dinner and tell them, but that got ruined. … Journalists feel entitled to do whatever it takes to get a sensational story, no matter how it affects the person involved. We’re not really people, right? We’re just celebrities.”

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