October 2, 2007

Brad Pitt Speaks Out About Paparazzi Irritation

Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt has dubbed the paparazzi "the defining annoyance of my life".

Pitt has spoken out about his life amid the flashbulbs, admitting all the attention he and his family has to deal with has left the four kids he and partner Angelina Jolie share confused about life.

And the actor worries about the effect constant exposure to the paparazzi will have on them.

He says, "I just think how strange it is for my kids. Mad (Maddox), Z (Zahara), Pax - they really believe that every time you go outside there is a herd of people with cameras snapping flashes in your face, who are going to block your way when you're trying to get somewhere.

"That is their vision of the world outside. Very strange, isn't it? It's an everyday thing for them. They don't really see it as bad or good.

"Z will point and go, 'Cameras!' Pax will point and say, 'People!' Maddox is keen to where his parents are coming from. I don't want them to be tensing up, and I don't want them to see of feel any kind of threat.

"But man, when photographers cross the line, you know - if it happened to one of your kids, it's hard not to want to take them down." (c) WENN

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