October 9, 2007


Members of the NYC Paparazzi donated five cases of Campbell's Chili, a case of Gold Medal white flour and a case of playing cards to the Bowery Mission.

During a taping of The Late Show with David Letterman, at the Ed Sullivan Theater, crew members were throwing bowls of chili, fluorescent bulbs, playing cards, flour and various other oddities of the roof of the theater (see photo). Chili and paint were strewn throughout the street as they descended seven stories towards the ground.

Having finished the taping, stagehands began to throw away cases of leftover chili and flour into a giant green dumpster.

Quick thinking photographers secured the cases of food before being discarded. "Why throw out perfectly good food. We're giving this to the Bowery Mission", one photographer proclaimed.

And so they did. Packed into the back of the car went the goods, where it was warmly received by a smiling staff at the Bowery Mission. "This gift will feed dinner to 360 men at the mission. Thank you!".

The mission was also happy to receive a case of playing cards that was also rescued from disposal. You guys are Aces in my book!

If you would like to learn more about the Bowery Mission, CLICK HERE.

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