June 2, 2008

Hudson, Hathaway with the paps

It looks like Kate Hudson's latest love affair with Lance Armstrong has brought her new levels of paparazzi attention - although she was always a fave with Owen Wilson also.

Dozens of photographers swarmed the set of her new movie, "Bridal Wars," in Manhattan last week, forcing the filmmakers to temporarily shut down production, according to her co-star Anne Hathaway.

"I don't usually have to deal with a lot of paparazzi attention, but Kate does," Hathaway told Tattle's Laura Randall while promoting her latest film, "Get Smart" in Los Angeles. "There were - I kid you not - fifty paparazzi on the street and we had to call off the shot because they wouldn't get out of the way. We had to find a different location."

"Bride Wars" stars Anne and Kate as BFFs who turn into rivals when they plan their weddings for the same day. Hathaway describes it as "estrogen land . . . the director (Gary Winick) was literally the only guy for miles."

Except for the paps.

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