June 15, 2008

Smile! Lily Allen gives paparazzi the run-around in Beverley Hills

She was lapping up the attention earlier this week, but it looks like Lily Allen’s affection for the paparazzi could soon wear off.

The Smile singer has been spotted dodging a mass of eager paparazzi in Beverley Hills.

Arms full of shopping and cigarette in hand, the 26-year-old fled across the street, with the paparazzi in hot pursuit.

The pint-sized star was taking a break from her hectic recording schedule, with a shopping trip to Sunset plaza.

She touched down in the US just earlier this week to work on her second album and has already been hassled by photographers.

She wrote on her blog on Tuesday:I have never been followed like we were today, there were literally 20 cars of [paparazzi] with us.

Apparently enjoying being the centre of attention, she added: 'Not that I'm complaining, they were perfectly pleasant, in fact we had a bit of a laugh with them and I quite fancied one of them.'

In fact, she only had one criticism of the paparazzi. Urging them to downsize their gas-guzzling SUVs, she wrote: 'Boys, go green.'

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