June 18, 2008

Kidman Bodyguard Lies Down To End Late-Night New York Street Chase

Nicole Kidman has found a new way of thwarting the paparazzi when she's in New York -- her bodyguard lies down in the street to end car chases.

The pregnant actress was in no mood to pose for pictures on Thursday night after visiting the theater with husband Keith Urban, but snappers waiting for her outside the Big Apple's Music Box weren't about to miss the chance of getting a shot.

After hurrying out of the West 45th Street theater at 11 p.m. and trying to shoo the paparazzi away with an umbrella, Kidman, Urban, the actress' bodyguard Wayne and a driver sped off into the New York night in the back of an SUV.

But the eager paps gave chase and thought their luck had changed when Kidman's vehicle stopped.

Wayne stepped out and lay down on the ground between the SUV and the paparazzi and refused to get up until Kidman and company were long gone.

One baffled photographer tells WENN, "It was unbelievable. We couldn't move. I've never seen anything like this. After about five minutes, this guy just got up, wished us all a nice evening and strolled off.

"You can only hope that Nicole pays this guy a fortune.

"That said, Wayne has a great pedigree in New York -- he knows all the snappers and he's often seen with high-profile celebrities. He's an in-demand guy and, after tricks like this, you can see why."

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