March 22, 2006

LUCK NUMBER SLEVEN? More like craps.

Lucky Number Sleven premiere.
Ziegfeld Theater
March 22, 2006, 7:30pm

I can tell you about this premiere... but I’d rather keep it a SURPRISE.

Is Lindsay coming to the premiere? NO! >>>>>>SURPRISE!

Is Gisele going to walk the red carpet? NO! >>>>>>SURPRISE!

Today, we get a tent but less space to work. SURPRISE!

And for those who are curious about what SURPRISE means... we asked the PR guy who else was going to arrive, to which he responded "It's a SURPRISE". WOW! HONEST AND FOR TRUE?

I LOVE SURPRISES! Like the surprise of having a premiere with almost no celebrities, with 40 people jammed into a press pen like cattle, four rows deep in some places, waiting for hours, with every idiot in the world walking on the carpet and having a whimsical PR person inform the press of a pending "Surprise".

And that "Surprise" guest... none other than Bruce Willis... and who gives a darn. (I personally was hoping for Bob Balaban).

I think I need a breath of fresh air....

Photo By Kingfreak


G said...

nice shot KF

Shoot First said...

HAHAHA! I'm pissing in my pants from KF's funny yet sad and true observations! LOL

T_Bickle said...

Not as funny as the racist remarks made by the lowlife photographers in the tent.