March 20, 2006

Wish We Were INSIDE, MAN

Inside Man Premiere
March 20, 2006, 7:30pm

It's nice to see that Spike Lee put out the extra money for a tent. Not.

I know its first day of spring... and it's a blamy 30 degrees. There are 50+ shooters outside in the Ziegfeld Wind Tunnel. Some of them waiting since 11am.

Now I’m sorry... but did I miss something on the tip sheet? Jodie Foster, Denzel Washington and Clive Owen (tough sales as is). Do those names warrant such an early turnout?

The tip sheet also promised Naomi Campbell, Eva Mendes, Jay Z (no shows on the rug)...but we did get Rev. Al Sharpton and Russell Simmons (please read as sarcasm).

As for the set-up, 2 sides shooting towards each other, 2-3 rows deep...and one section with posters as a backdrop. Unfortunately, they put a 12ft high light stand in the photo area, taking up 2-3 spaces. And in the frenzy and the wind, the light kept shifting onto some of the shooters in the corner. I could only assume it was a horrible backlight (see photo).

Photo by G.

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Lotsa Paparrazza said...

I got there at 6:20pm and got 2nd row right near video. I said the same thing (about showing up so early) when I heard that --BEFORE NOON-- there were already 23 photogs!!

By the way, Jill Hennessy and a very pregnant Mariska Hargitay showed and posed AFTER many photogs left. Jennifer Esposito ran down the red carpet non-stop. Zac Posen showed up so tanned that I thought it was some guy from India who looked like Zac Posen! We didn't know it was him.

Denzel ignored the last quarter of photogs. B*tch. So did Clive. B*tch.