March 10, 2006

Paparazzi Dodging Do's and Don'

A security expert reveals the secrets in a Hollywood How To

As told by Robert Mann, Director of Global Operations Worldwide Intelligence Network, a security and intelligence agency that has worked protecting celebrities for over 40 years.
  1. Don't let anything become a habit. Never do the same routine everyday or you'll become a sitting duck for them.

  2. Rent a car. If you want to go out and you don't want to be seen, leave your house in a car unfamiliar to the paparazzi -- preferably one with tinted windows.

  3. Plan a backdoor exit. At a boutique or beauty salon or restaurant, or even at a shopping mall it is usually advisable to plan a back door exit just in case there is an informant there. Once you've escaped, a taxi, or a friend, or security personnel can pick you up and drive you to your car.

  4. Get somebody to scope out the scene before you arrive. If it's not a good day, or you haven't been to the beauty salon for a while, and you REALLY don't want to be photographed, hire a security professional to see if there are any paparazzi lolling around your destination before you get there. We can even lure them by driving the car they are accustomed to seeing, with a female wearing a wig. (Yes, we've done that).

  5. Try to be as impromptu as possible. Any plan you make in advance is going to leak.
Final Thought: What we want to do is to take back streets for stardom and return to the glory days of Hollywood when stars had a certain degree of privacy and their fans had a certain degree of integrity.

[Our final thought: Keep dreaming Mr. Mann.]


Lotsa Paparrazza said...

QUOTE: "...return to the glory days of Hollywood when stars had a certain degree of privacy..."

Apparently, this guy didn't know how much all of this was controlled by a few studio. "Glory days", my ass.

Regarding these rules, celebs already know this but if they follow these rules too close, well, then they will no longer be celebrities.

Ask Julia Stiles.

Shoot First said...

Yeah but I just want to be known for my talent and not my personal life! HAHAHAHA! Isn't it just human to put certain people on the pedestal (of stardom) and then just want to bring them down even faster? and.. I would say it is curiosity to find out about your "next door neighbor" or in this case how the "other half" lives and thus arises the need for "candid" style photography. I mean the "lifestyles of the rich and famous" is a form of escapism for some people. I mean Robin Leach has based his career on this fact!

SVR said...

Worldwide Intelligence Network: OMG! These guys are criminals. Don't trust Robert Mann or you will regret it. He will steal you blind and pat you on the back the next day pretending to be your friend. Don't ever work for these guys either. They will screw you.

SVR said...
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Anonymous said...

Worldwide Intelligence Network: See this -

Anonymous said...

Worldwide Intelligence Network :