March 14, 2006

VENDETTA against Warner Brothers

V For Vendetta Premiere
Rose Theater
, Time Warner Center

So this was a debacle...

You had to be on WB's list to even get near the 4th floor theater (via the secured elevators).

And if you weren't on the list, you had the wonderful opportunity of shooting in the lobby by the elevators (which was my position).

This wasn't THAT bad... we got most of the talent (no Natalie), but everyone else was co-operative. Keanu ran by quick, but you could get a shot, Hugo, Petra, Robert Downey Jr; all gave us a photo. It was probably because there were only about 15 of us in the lobby... thus not too intimidating.

I also heard some of the talent passed by the press area upstairs. Let us know....


NikonDeb said...

those of us not on the A list side didn't get
Robert Downey
never saw Keanu
Richard Belzer
Petra with her sister-we got Petra alone
Anthony Edwards
Joan Allen
was Ashanti there? If so we didn't see her
One side of our side didn't get Mark Ruffalo

So, who DID our side get? Natalie (not as long as the A Listers had her for but we got her), the producer and director, John Hurt, Petra. WOW! All that waiting for this!
At one point while Natalie was behind us giving tv interviews, several of us turned around to take a few photos and security told us we couldn't take photos. Imagine that-being told you CAN'T take photos at a premiere that we are credentialed for!
Those that waited in the lobby got better stuff that those of us upstairs.

Lotsa Paparrazza said...

On the bright side, the "A" did NOT get KEANU REEVES.

The photogs who were NOT allowed in and stayed downstairs in the lobby GOT HIM!!

G said...

u cant even sell a keanu pic to his mother! wtf

Lotsa Paparrazza said...

QUOTE: " u cant even sell a keanu pic to his mother! wtf"

yeah. learned THAT the hard way! he's creepy too.