March 7, 2008

Adrian Grenier tries to be a paparazzo, fails

Clueless Adrian Grenier’s attempts to be a paparazzo hit a major setback when he couldn’t work out how to use his camera.

The ‘Entourage’ actor, who is making a documentary, needed a helping hand from the experts when he joined the pap pack shooting Brooke Shields.

He told the shutterbugs: “I’m one of you now.”

But as he struggled with his camera one unimpressed snapper told him: “You got to learn how to use it!”

Adrian threw himself into the scrum to snap Brooke outside a Beverly Hills restaurant but later moaned: “I just got my toes stepped on.”

When he finally got to grips with his camera he told the paps: “Now we’re all here there are no celebrities!”

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