March 14, 2008

Nicole Kidman's Bodyguard Attacks Flynet Photographer

We have an exclusive video of actress Nicole Kidman's longtime bodyguard, David Micheal Garris, attacking one of our photogs in Santa Monica on Thursday!

The physical assault stemmed from an incident on Wednesday, when a fellow photographer was attacked by Nicole's rambo-like trainer while the 53 year old photog was snapping Nicole and her trainer hiking. The trainer stole the guy's camera which thankfully, was later returned.

Then on Thursday, our Flynet photog Jeremy and his 53 year old paparazzi friend were once again following Nicole Kidman and her bodyguard, David Garris, as they were making their way to the gym. The vehicle they were in stopped and the bodyguard stepped out, obviously in an agressive manner. Jeremy pulled out his video camera, hoping to question the bodyguard about the incident on Wednesday but as you can see from the clip, Garris was in no mood to chat. Jeremy stepped back inside of his vehicle but that didn't stop Garris from attacking him anyway!

Afterwards, Nicole Kidman left along with her crazed bodyguard and Jeremy tried to follow them but eventually had to dial 911 because of his injuries. The police are currently investigating the incident.

Now I know the paparazzi can be annoying, but do they deserve a physical assault of this magnitude? You may respond, 'hey well that's what the guy gets for following someone.' Well, sure that's one way to look at it. But this photog is just doing his job, giving the people something to talk about while they wait in in line at the grocery store, flipping through all of the celebrity mags that sell millions of copies worldwide. So if you disagree with it, fine. But I don't think a physical assault was justified here. Watch and judge for yourself.

Here's a little info on our attacker, David Micheal Garris.

David is unmarried but has worked with Nicole Kidman for years and used to be Tom Cruise's driver. After their split, David was one of the few people who stayed with Nicole and not Tom. Garris and Kidman have had a strange, employer/employee relationship for quite some time now. The two have been spotted going to the movies together, having cozy lunch dates, and they were spotted attending (non Keith Urban) concerts together while Kidman was filming 'The Invasion.'

So maybe their relationship goes beyond employer/employee and that's why Garris was so easily fired up about our photog following the actress... Time will tell...

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