March 7, 2008

Paris plays prank on paparazzi

Paris Hilton has finally got her own back on the paparazzi after it was revealed that bizarre pictures of her posing with a shaman were staged.

The party girl, 27, was snapped having dinner with the spiritual guru in Los Angeles earlier this week but the event was just a set up for new TV show Pop Fiction.

Produced by actor Ashton Kutcher, the show targets paparazzi and media outlets by letting celebrities play pranks on them.

Paris had been spotted at a bookstore buying some self-help books with the guru in tow, who conveniently carried his own book while the paparazzi flashed away.

After dinner, Paris told reporters: "He's really changed my life because the greatest gift is to give."

She was even given a public spiritual blessing at the end of the night.

The "guru" was later revealed to be Maxie Santillan, an actor who has starred in TV show "My Name Is Earl" and "Pirates of the Caribbean".

Ashton's producing partner, Jason Goldberg, said: "We live in a culture that's driven by media and obsessed with celebrity, to the point where they don't have private lives anymore."

"Two people going out to eat turns into, 'They're engaged.' It's a feeding frenzy. It's dangerous and it's irresponsible in some cases."

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