March 24, 2008

Kelly Osbourne: 'Paparazzi Are Dangerous'

Reality TV star Kelly Osbourne has launched a scathing attack on the paparazzi - branding their frenzied behavior around certain celebrities as "dangerous".

The 23-year-old claims she was on a night out after the NME Awards in London earlier this year when awaiting press launched into a tirade of abuse towards her and model pal Kate Moss. And Osbourne even alleges one photographer got physical, hitting her with a camera when the media onslaught became too boisterous.

She says, "I know when you become famous, you sell your soul to the devil. But it's dangerous. I have this bruise - that's from a cameraman. He slammed his camera on my wrist. There were so many, and they were pushing. I had a great time after the NME Awards; it started to go bad when the paps (paparazzi) began making horrible comments as we were leaving, to get a reaction."

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