March 20, 2008

Seal tells paparazzi they're 'scum'

British singer Seal launched a stinging attack on a group of paparazzi calling them "scum" and "cockroaches".

The Kiss From A Rose star was surrounded by a scrum of photographers as he and his wife supermodel Heidi Klum left a restaurant in Los Angeles.

It all kicked off when one of the paps told Seal he liked his music and tried to shake his hand

The singer refused the gesture and said: "Why would I shake hands with scum?" adding, "I don't like what you do. You are scum."

Klum remained quiet and hid behind her husband as he accused the photographers of ruining people's lives, including his own.

But when one of the photographers declared that Heidi seemed at peace with the constant attention, Seal snapped back: "Don't bring her into it. Why don't you go ask your mother how I feel."

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