May 18, 2005

ABC means crap for You and Me

ABC Upfronts- 2005-2006 season.
May 17, 2005
Lincoln Center
2:15pm press call/ 3:00pm arrivals.

ABC continues it's streak of being the most difficult network to deal with during upfront week.
Photographers on their list we placed in marked spots, single file over a 50ft. arrival walkway.
There was more than enough room for a second row of shooters, but the PR was unwaivering in their stance. This forced them to set up a press pen on the public street where the limos arrived.

From the looks of thing, the public pen was probably the beter place to shoot in terms of lighting. It had open shade for most of the event. A-listers where faced with direct sunlight and squinting talent. Some jumped ship to join us out in the street.

Was it just me or did everyone dehydrate from standing in that sun for soo long. It was the upfront that never seemed to end. We didn't even get to leave till about 6pm.

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Anonymous said...

this set-up is LA Style type shooting ...