May 20, 2005

Spanish PEOPLE in Chinatown

People en Espanol 50 Most Beautiful party
May 18, 2005

Man that PR guy Paul was a SOB. That seemed like a tough shoot for some people. Especially the ones all the way at the end of the carpet. Everything was fine till Paulina Rubio showed up.
That's when all the pricks and attitude arrived. Did everyone get some shots of her by the lion on the stairs? I hope Zak, Lawrence and Dan got some photos. PR Paul acted like a real a-hole towards you guys.


Anonymous said...

Can you imagine the nerve of this PR guy? What an ass! Just when the biggest celebrity arrives and a photo we can actually sell or publish comes along- He tells us to stop shooting! She's had enough? F**K YOU GUY! it didn't look like she was in a hurry to go anywhere in fact she was eating it up like cake

.. Seems the PR guy looked like a jealous little fuck and in a hurry to go home or better yet inside and party-hearty!

When the hell do you see PAULINA RUBIO in NYC? and why would you tell us to stop shooting someone who doesn't give a shit and wants it? Seems if PR had brains they would tell us to stop shooting until our trigger fingers gave up and fall off... Did you see the PR guy trying to tell Steve Azarra to stop shooting and touched Steve's camera.
Steve went ballistic and told him to F*** OFF!

Kudos Azzara!! Talk up! Speak your mind! Don't be bullied by hapless PR! (PRESS RESISTANCE!)...

Anonymous said...

WSCPR was hired by People Espanol to do a job maybe someone should let People Espanol in on our complaints.

you need to make these F***er's accountable and publicize this site and gripes...

Anonymous said...

One of the worst events of the year. Originally we were told NO MARKED SPOTS only to wait hours and get bumped to the 3rd row. Almost no full lengths, PR didn't guide the talent or instruct them on where to pose. A total mess of an event!