May 24, 2005

The Only Bomb Here Is This Movie

Lawrence has his nuts checked by security prior to the Longest Yard premiere.
(I believe they were pistachio, for those that care.)

The Longest Yard- NY Screening
Clearview Chelsea Theaters
May 24, 2005

I think the BOMB SNIFFING DOGS at THE LONGEST YARD was a little overkill... wouldn't you say? They had all the photographers place their bags on the ground and step back as a bomb dog sniffed away. All this for Burt Reynolds???
Like that transparent mylar the tent was constructed of would have stopped a missile attack.

Adam Sandler wasn't too cooperative, Chris Rock with a wide eyed stare in all the photos, Chris and Burt looking every which way when posing together... another example of some fine PR work.


ZePhotog said...
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Anonymous said...

burt you crazy mother f#%*?&r what where you thinking don't slap the press you have to slap the PR people next time, damn!. blacktree one