May 20, 2005

God I Love A Sweet HEINNY

May 19, 2005
Skylight Studios
10pm till ???

Does Heineken know how to treat the press or what. They worked the basic principal of journalism: Keep em' drunk and they'll stay and say good things.

Magnums of beer for all the photographers, by the CASE, bottles of beer, all you can drink.....
Sorry...I'm getting was such a beautiful thing.

Oh yea...a couple celebs showed...Shanon Elizabeth, Paula Abdul, Seth Green, Wilmer Valderrama and some of the 'That 70's Show' cast.
We didn't get much space to shoot, but luckly there wern't a lot of photogs.


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ZePhotog said...

Now that was the way it should always be !!!!

You wannabe not even close to apprentice level Publicists go and take a class with the Heineken PR dept.

That's the way to treat the press !!

Because then, instead of getting aggravated by not getting anybody to shoot, we just get drunk and time flies by with happy faces...

Big points too for the invites sent to the 34D-26-34 breeding farm, kept the green carpet busy with numerous nuclear tactical weapons of mass distraction and helped keep the mood up ;-)

The highlight of the evening though, was when Big E decided to go home with one of the Heineken hassocks / foot rests / whatever the F$%# that was... and he basically walked out of there with the furniture under his arm (after it had cleverly been camouflaged with a coat by Jano) as if nothing happened...

The face of the security guard slowly registering what was happening was absolutely priceless !!!

It was almost in slow motion, Big E walks out of there at a fast pace, 2 security guards see him and for about 2 seconds they just look at him, then by the time he's halfway to the door, one of them actually registers and starts pointing Big E out to the other guy...

Jano and I were crawling on the floor laughing our asses off and by the time the 2 guys finally registered what was really happening and were ready to act, E was probably 10 blocks up in a cab, his trophy safe !!!