May 16, 2005


May 15, 2005
2:30pm Press Check-in/ 3:15pm Arrivals/ 4:00 pm Screening
Ziegfeld Theater


As usual, too little space for to many photographers. It looks like we attained four rows deep at this one. We were awash in a sea of ladders, milkcrates and turtles.

I personally believe that the loudest "Front Page" to date was screamed at this event. A resounding call of the wild from Mitch in the third row, into the waiting ears of a second row Walter.
Well, as we all saw, it wasn't taken lightly. Walter grabbed Mitch by the camera straps and cried "You need to stop that. You have to act like a human being". (God I love it when Walter snaps.)
Now i'm not saying that we should be completely silent, but when we act and sound like a bunch of screaming animals, we shouldn't be suprised when they treat us like ones. Just a thought.

Quick observations about the premiere:

  • It got WAY TOO HOT in that tent once the talent arrived.
  • What's up with Jada's teeth? Her teeth hurt so she can't smile? Sounds like BS to me.
  • You bastards yelled so loud you scared the hell out of all the kids that showed up.
  • "20% of the photographers here shoot for Globe photo"--Uh, the point being?
  • Do we really need to have a premiere on a Sunday, at 4 o'clock, at the beginning of Upfront's week?
  • Two words: Penguin Humping

1 comment:

ZePhotog said...

You forgot to mention the absolute delight of deleting, one at a time, the 25 crisp headshots of the Japanese translator from outter space !!

For the kids... Well, As long as they don't cry, you can keep shouting, no sweat...

Now as far as being considered / treated like animals... I sort of agree, but still it goes both ways... Maybe we shout and are loud because we have such a fu%$#@ up set up that we can't really work in these conditons, now can we ?

Maybe, only maybe, if they were to give us proper work conditions, we wouldn't have to behave like raging racoons at mating season to get a picture...

Nick a.k.a. ZeFrenchie